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Create beautiful displays for your home or office with our sturdy 12 point cardstock posters. They're the ideal, inexpensive solution for temporary, indoor point-of-purchase signage and academic presentations. Posters are thick enough to stand up on easels but flexible enough to roll up and store for future use.


  • Uses: Indoor ONLY.

  • Rollable, flexible, yet sturdy.

  • Lifespan: 1+ year with proper placement and care.

Installation: Our posters can be attached to walls or point of purchase kiosks, or placed in frames. To hang, lay posters out flat, place heavy objects on the corners and allow them to rest overnight or for 24 hours to make sure they are straight. Loosely roll posters for storage but do not fold or place heavy objects on top of them to avoid creasing

* Prices depend on the size. Design fee and other requirements are additional.

** Custom size are available. Call us for more information about it. 

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